Dec 01 2020

11 Tech Companies That Thrive Under Pressure and Have Big Hiring Plans

"Ask Chicago tech workers about 2020 and you’ll hear about the challenges of navigating work from home and the “new normal.”

However, you’re also just as likely to hear stories about teams stepping up to support each other and their customers, and individual accounts of personal and professional growth. That’s because Chicago tech is filled with companies whose cultures and teams are built to come together and thrive under pressure.

We recently sat down with employees at 11 such companies — all of which are hiring — to learn how their unique cultures enabled them to tackle unprecedented challenges and grow as people and professionals."

Centro’s company culture in one word: "Systemic," Jeff Smith, director of product operations, said. "... I think it’s an underappreciated value. Culture requires reinforcement and structure to reproduce consistently... Centro’s culture is built into the DNA of our organization and guides everything from our onboarding to how we celebrate victories and handle adversity."

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