Jan 05 2021

Complex Ad Marketplace Underscores Need for Automation: Centro’s Derek Newman

The advertising marketplace has grown more complex amid increased fragmentation among media channels, including various digital platforms on connected devices. Centro, a provider of trading and media operations software for digital advertisers, sees an opportunity for continued automation among buyer and sellers of advertising in a more omnichannel environment.

“The biggest challenge is complexity,” Derek Newman, product lead of advanced TV at Centro, said in this interview with Beet.TV. “In a truly omnichannel media mix, an advertiser will want to have full control and insight into all of those channels and tactics they’re using.”

Centro’s flagship platform, which is called Basis, automates digital operations across programmatic, direct buying, connected TV, search and social advertising. Advertisers use Basis for planning, buying, bill payment, reconciliation, analytics and business insights through a single interface.

Read more on Beet.tv and watch the segment.

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