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Oct 27 2022

The Big Story: Political Advertising Through The Midterm Elections

"Election Day is under two weeks away, which means about one-quarter of political advertising budgets have yet to be spent. But where political advertising campaigns are spending their money this year has changed. TikTok and Adobe banned political advertising, and during the last election cycle Facebook and YouTube tightened their rules to make it harder for campaigns to allocate their money.

But television commercials have found a new home in connected TV. Hypertargeting means even candidates with smaller budgets can afford some CTV commercials. And “in-person retargeting,” or showing up to knock on doors in areas that have been targeted with political TV advertising, is very much a thing, according to Grace Briscoe, the head of political business and SVP of client development at Basis, which has run 850 political ad campaigns so far this year."

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