Political Connected TV Advertising: Your Guide to This Must-See Opportunity

Connected TV usage is skyrocketing as viewers increasingly turn to CTV to watch all their favorite content. And so it’s no surprise that political marketers are all over CTV: It provides the classic TV viewing experience that campaigns (and voters) love, but with more opportunities for precise targeting, measurement, and engagement than linear TV.

In fact, CTV accounted for 30% of all political programmatic ad spend during the 2022 election cycle—a 63% increase from 2020 and a 600% increase from 2018. And that trend is showing no signs of slowing: The 2024 presidential elections are forecast to see 80% more CTV/streaming ad spend than the 2022 midterms, hitting $1.8 billion.

How can political advertisers embrace this rapid growth and ensure they’re effectively connecting with voters where and when they’re watching video? In this guide, we analyze the latest data, trends, and research to help campaigns and political advertisers uncover everything they need to know about CTV advertising for candidates and causes.

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • How to make the most of the connected TV advertising opportunity
  • Connected TV advertising best practices and strategies
  • Key CTV KPIs and how to optimize towards them
  • CTV advertising recommendations for political advertisers
  • How Basis can help (including as the exclusive home of LG Ad Solutions for political advertising)

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