Jan 2021
Basis Technologies

VI Marketing and Branding Amplifies Targeting Tactics with Basis

Meet VI Marketing and Branding

Located in Oklahoma City, VI Marketing and Branding is a fully integrated marketing and branding firm that specializes in behavior change.

The Challenge

In order to maintain their status as leaders in the digital marketing industry in the Oklahoma City area, VI Marketing and Branding’s goal was to bring programmatic digital advertising in-house to build more transparent relationships with clients and increase digital revenue. Past third-party DSP partners had not allowed them to be proactive, transparent, or accountable with their clients. This was causing strains in their relationships and not allowing their business to grow.

The Impact of Basis

Growth: 19 new team members in 2018

Mobility: 18 promotions agency-wide in 2018

Morale: Additional focus on work/life balance, recognition, training, and dedication to being at the forefront of the industry. The VI team using Basis has allowed for additional personal growth for their team members with unparalleled support from the Basis team.

Efficiency: Managing campaigns internally with Basis has allowed ad operations specialists to have more time for strategic optimizations and improving campaign performance rather than resolving delivery issues for clients and trafficking creative tags.

Business Development: The transparency of reporting and increased campaign metrics available in Basis has emboldened their clients to shift more dollars towards digital tactics.

The Results

  • Increased transparency into campaign reporting allowed for increased optimization
  • Precise targeting assured advertisements reached the target audience
  • Higher video completion rates increased conversions and lowered CPA
  • Basis technology created confidence in ad viewability and brand safety


Renée Harriman, Vice President, Media, VI Marketing and Branding:

"Using Basis, the transparency of reporting and increased campaign metrics has emboldened our clients to shift more dollars towards digital tactics, namely paid search and programmatic video and display."


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