Sep 17 2020
Basis Technologies

Why Mobile Advertisers Care About Driving In-store Traffic


Mobile Advertising and E-Commerce

Driving online purchases is typically a high priority for mobile advertisers with e-commerce sites. There are many tactics available to help reach and engage online audiences and guide them to your website. Depending on your industry, brand, or product, it can also make sense for some brands to incorporate mobile advertising that will bring foot traffic into your physical store, as well.

Even in the digital age, the majority of purchases are still made in a physical store. According to Statista, if the migration toward e-commerce continues in line with current trends, only 14% of purchases will be made online in 2021.

For larger purchases, the majority of consumers do some research online before making an in-store purchase. This allows for efficient shopping, and also for any remaining questions to be answered by a subject matter expert. If a potential customer is shopping between several different brands, a conversation with an in-store representative can increase the odds that you will win the sale.

Mobile Advertising and In-Store Locations

Bringing consumers from their mobile phone and into a physical location is an opportunity for staff to help to create a positive experience that promotes brand loyalty. Having a second touchpoint can help to solidify a brand in the user’s mind as the go-to source for a product or product category.

Mobile Advertising with Centro

Centro’s Basis makes it easy for any mobile advertiser to partner with vendors who specialize in driving and measuring in-store traffic.

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