Nov 20 2012
Basis Team

One Obvious Way to Save Publishing


Advertising technology has been all over the mainstream news lately.

Whether it’s pre-obituaries lamenting the death of on-line display ads or spotlights on how tech is making it possible for brands to target individual consumers, rather than the aggregate audiences that publisher sites promise to deliver, it’s pretty obvious there’s lots of anxiety about publishers’ future ability to profit from digital media.

That’s why Joe Pych’s recent column in The Makegood comes as such a breath of fresh air — instead of wringing his hands, Joe provides one big, hairy audacious idea for publishers to wrestle control and revenue from advertising intermediaries.

We won’t give away the solution Joe details in his piece “One Obvious Way to Save Publishing,” but we will give you a hint: Joe calls out Centro for our advances in the automation of direct buys.

Go read “One Obvious Way to Save Publishing” now.