Oct 8 2018
Basis Technologies

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (October 2018)


Keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends in the ad tech world can be tough and time-consuming. We took it upon ourselves to de-clutter the space, and compiled a list of articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Enjoy the latest list for October 2018 below!


The CMO Survey - 2018 [20-minute read]

A recent survey of marketers and a subsequent report by Duke University, the American Marketing Association (AMA) and Deloitte, proves to be chockful of interesting nuggets. One particular note is these marketer’s utilization of 3rd party data when compared to their 1st party data over the coming years – an expected decline of 11.4% of 3PD, and an expected increase of 70.0% of 1PD (page 60 of the PDF).

How Much Is Your Private Data Worth – And Who Should Own It? [4-minute read]

With data breaches from Equifax, Facebook, and Target, who should really own your data? In short, people, not companies, should have rights to their data, and people, not companies, should be able to sell it as they see fit, as argued by Stanford’s Business school publication.

Programmatic Is Fastest-Growing Part Of Digital Display [1-minute read]

Many news and industry outlets have long been reporting the expansive growth of programmatic advertising. It seems inevitable that an eventual plateau would surface but contrary to any such thought, the popularity of programmatic continues to grow quickly. A new report from the eMarketer illustrates the YOY growth (26.3%) accelerated by the largest ad platforms in the digital media game.

How Cheap Are Fraudulent Ad Impressions? [2-minute read]

Fraudulent ad impressions cost a fraction of the real thing, however, simply raising your price floors isn’t enough. In order to truly combat fraud, stop treating scale as the only metric that matters. Fraudsters know that buyers want cheap impressions so they create them for nothing.

Hearst Releases New Marketplace For Connected TV Advertising [1-minute read]

Hearst Television Inc. is launching an over-the-top (OTT) advertising marketplace. The marketplace includes programming owned by the company and in partnership with companies already affiliated with Hearst, such as Roku.

The anti-Netflix: Free, ad-supported video streaming services are growing [4-minute read]

Good news for advertisers who like video ads  - you’re in luck! Despite the popularity of subscription services in the OTT market, ad-supported platforms are gaining popularity. New free video streaming services that viewers are flocking towards, are enabling more advertisers to take advantage of an influx of digital video consumption.

Snapchat, Amazon Team Up To Form Mobile-Commerce Power Duo [1-minute read]

Snapchat and Amazon are teaming up to bring you the ultimate shopping experience. Snapchat can now link shoppers directly to Amazon, taking on Instagram and Pinterest. Hopefully the experience will improve, because unlike Pinterest and Amazon’s own experiences, I could never get my app to successfully search.

How visual recognition is set to change advertising [2-minute read]

Visual recognition, or computer vision, software is helping develop a deeper understanding of the images and videos shared by consumers through textual and sentiment analysis. How will this advancing technology be applied to advertising?

Digital Tech Lights A Fire Under Out-Of-Home Advertising [7-minute read]

Out-of-home advertising is going through a bit of a renaissance. In a world that was once ruled by offline/analog experiences, advertisers now find the majority of OOH ad purchases are digital. An increasing number of ad tech players are creating opportunities to buy ad space on signs, billboards and screens to push fresh types of creative and execute other creative feats with greater measurement options. The increased appeal comes from the ability to now impact lower-funnel metrics and tie information back to campaign sales data, driven by big-budget advertisers like Netflix, Spotify, and McDonald's, who have been creatively leveraging digital OOH to more effectively target consumers in local markets.