Aug 11 2016
Basis Technologies

Centro DSP Spotlight: Pacing and Budget Management Updates


We continue to release product features, updates, and functionality within our DSP to make your day-to-day campaign management more effective and efficient. Over the coming weeks we will be introducing important enhancements to pacing and budget management. These updates are designed to give you more precision and control when managing campaigns.

Advertiser Spend
There are many ways buyers and sellers work together. Business models can range from selling on a dynamic CPM to a fixed CPC -- and everything in between. In order to provide more visibility to buyers, today we are releasing new optional fields within our DSP at the campaign and group level. These fields can be used to calculate and track contracted budgets, media spend, and performance. The platform will calculate progress at the line-item level. Now buyers can compare and report on goals directly in the DSP and will no longer need to refer to a spreadsheet or email.

New Pacing System
Using a DSP can be like driving a car. Whether you’re on a city street or the freeway, you need to be sensible about how fast you’re going. Pacing is the speed at which your DSP campaign spends its budget, and controlling delivery is vital to ensuring a campaign performs well. On August 16, Centro DSP will enable a new pacing system, giving you access to several new options for setting pacing at the group and campaign levels.

At the group level, you’ll have the option to set start and end dates and apply a group pacing setting. This means all campaigns within the group will inherit the pacing, which eliminates extra work, potential errors, and wasted time. Also, you can choose to spend evenly or more quickly at both the group and campaign level to make sure each tactic has the fuel it needs.

Experts from our Customer Success team will be sharing best practices and use cases for the new pacing system and advertiser spend during our August 18 webinar. You can sign up here. For more information, contact your Centro DSP representative or visit the help center.