Oct 17 2019
Kristin Furjanic

Calculate How Basis Can Increase Your Bottom Line


Centro is on a mission to unleash the potential of digital media professionals. Our product team seeks out the biggest pain points for people working in the digital media space, and customizes a Basis solution to alleviate those roadblocks and meet unique customer needs.

Some of the biggest challenges for agencies and media professionals today include:

  1. Inefficient and manual processes: Teams are weighed down by disjointed business and communication processes.
  2. Excessive number of tools: Media professionals must navigate multiple platforms and 3rd party vendors simultaneously, in order to do their jobs effectively.
  3. Lack of visibility and control: Information is difficult to aggregate and analyze due to many data sources.
  4. Employee satisfaction: Agencies struggle to reduce turnover and retain talent.

Basis is designed to increase capabilities and income by 35%—and give media professionals their time back—up to two hours per person (Forrester, 2019)!  Don’t just take our word for it—Centro commissioned Forrester Research to survey our customers and assess how Basis solves the primary challenges faced industry-wide—read the full report here.

Forrester identified and quantified key benefits of investing in Basis, including:

  • Increased capabilities: Teams can do more with Basis. Our comprehensive platform automates manual processes and improves campaign and financial data so agencies can support growth without adding additional headcount.
  • Increased income: Forrester found that our clients experience a 12% income uplift on average in the first three years of implementing Basis. Agencies can maximize their budgets and win new business.

Forrester found two additional qualified benefits:

  • Improved employee skills and satisfaction: Basis eliminates manual and repetitive processes—employees can spend more time crafting stories, learning new skills, and diving into strategy and data insights.
  • Better digital media campaigns: Basis makes data easier to aggregate and analyze, while our optimizations suite employs machine learning to boost media campaign performance. Teams are also empowered with improved pacing tools and fraud protection capabilities.

Centro realizes that investing in new technology is always a risk. That’s why we commissioned Forrester to create a tool that shows media teams the value Basis can provide to their specific business environments.

How does it work?

Input your information into the calculator in order to receive your financial analysis. Your information will appear in the form of a risk-adjusted three-year Net Present Value (NPV).

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