Wednesday, Feb 24th 2021
Ryan Manchee

Drive Performance with Advanced TV


Derek Newman

Product Lead, Advanced TV | Centro|Director of WO Programmatic Sales | WideOrbit

TV and digital have battled over share of budget for the past decade. What if, instead of weighing their pros and cons, marketers discovered how these tactics can succeed together? Even more, what if the increased fragmentation of TV could be improved via automation?

In this month's webinar, Centro's Derek Newman and WideOrbit's Frederick Lee share how marketers can win by leveraging TV and digital together.

You'll learn:

  • How TV advertising is more accessible now than ever before
  • How advertisers have found success extending their digital-only buys with advanced TV
  • Why TV is an ideal channel for brands of all sizes to establish legitimacy
  • How to approach TV advertising if you've never used it before

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Get to know Our Experts

Derek Newman

Product Lead, Advanced TV | Centro|Director of WO Programmatic Sales | WideOrbit

Derek Newman leads advanced TV solutions at Centro. Before joining Centro, Derek led Customer Acquisition and Attribution Solutions at Conversant/Epsilon (now Publicis). With over a decade of ad tech experience, he is now focused on integrating omnichannel solutions leveraging digital and advanced TV at Centro.|Frederick Lee is the Director of WO Programmatic Sales at WideOrbit. Before joining WideOrbit in 2018, Frederick was an Account Executive for Programmatic TV Sales at AudienceXpress. With over five years of experience within the programmatic TV space, he is dedicated to helping broadcasters find the best solutions to keep their businesses moving forward.