Ryan Manchee

Consumer Privacy and the Future of Advertising

For the past decade, data-driven technologies like programmatic have fueled the advertising industry’s growth. In recent years, however, concern over how the industry collects and utilizes user data has spread. Has the industry taken targeting too far?
Recently, we’ve seen state, federal, and international regulation seek to offer uniformity and enhanced data privacy for individuals, while limiting how and what marketers can collect, track, and target. The prospect of a post-identity future is real, and while many ad tech companies are scrambling to re-position their offering, Centro is excited about the next evolution in digital advertising and ad tech.

On this webinar, we address the following questions:

  • How have recent regulations like GDPR and CCPA impacted the industry?
  • How are advertisers, agencies, and technology providers (like Centro) maintaining compliance?
  • What do the changes in tracking users via third-party cookies mean for retargeting and attribution?
  • What’s next for the future of digital advertising? Will programmatic survive?

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