Jun 2019
Nick Budincich

Uncovering and Solving PPC Performance Issues [An Infographic]

This infographic provides an overview of running through a root cause analysis on your SEM program, plus touches on two other types of audits you’ll want to keep in mind when assessing and solving PPC performance troubles.

While auditing poor performance isn’t anyone’s dream job, it’s simply a requirement for SEM managers–and can really make a big difference if caught early and addressed correctly. Regular audits are a healthy part of program maintenance.

Sometimes an issue is truly from a “root cause”: business changes, landing page issues, competition in the market, or culturally irrelevant keywords. However, often you’ll find more holistic drops that can be better explained by dimensions or segments that may just need to be adjusted with bid modifiers. Beyond that, sometimes your entire optimization strategy may be built on incomplete data or metrics, or just missing a key step in the customer journey that could drive value.

Addressing PPC issues isn’t fun, but this infographic can help you look into a few elements. However, you can learn even more about all of these topics in our new eBook: Advanced PPC Auditing Guide: Determining Root Causes, Bleeding Dimensions, and Optimization Strategy.

To download this infographic on solving PPC performance issues, click here. The full eBook is also available, digging into all aspects of the infographic. Alternatively, if you’d like to talk to our team about how to improve performance on some dimensions, or get more out of the metrics you’re optimizing towards–get in touch here.