The Political Marketer's Guide to Digital Out-of-Home Advertising

From vibrant billboards in urban centers, to point-of-purchase screens, to digital screens at EV charging stations, digital out-of-home advertising is everywhere.

Also known as DOOH, the channel gives political advertisers a unique opportunity: Connect with voters when they’re on-the-go, in contextually relevant environments, when they may be less reachable on their personal devices. And, thanks to the inherent benefits of digital technology, it lets them do so in a way that allows for targeting, tracking, optimizing, and measuring the success of those campaigns. 

DOOH is an emerging channel—and one that’s quickly gaining steam. As such, more and more political advertisers are embracing it as part of their larger omnichannel media strategies to reach target audiences in key moments of impact. 

In this guide, crafted specifically for political advertisers, we explore how savvy political marketers can make the most of the DOOH opportunity. We dig into the latest trends, insights, and research to help political advertisers leverage the power of place in their DOOH campaigns.

In this guide, you’ll learn: 

  • Where digital out-of-home fits within an omnichannel advertising campaign 
  • DOOH best practices and strategies
  • The benefits of programmatic digital out-of-home
  • DOOH advertising recommendations for political marketers
  • How Basis can help

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