Meeting the Moment with Advertising Automation

As the advertising landscape continues to evolve and fragment at breakneck speed, marketers have come to realize that consumers are no longer satisfied with the status quo. Brands and agencies are searching for ways to deliver compelling content and bespoke, cross-channel initiatives to attract and retain their desired audiences. Unfortunately, most organizations lack the nimble solutions they’ll need to do this effectively at scale.

To make things worse, extraordinary complexity is proving to be a massive obstacle for marketers, impeding true cross-channel success. And the problem is only intensifying...

For too long, the advertising and media industries have clung to legacy systems that no longer satisfy the needs of the modern customer experience in a complex media landscape. With more industry leaders now committed to updating those systems, now is the perfect time for media buyers to add a powerful modern solution to their digital advertising toolkit: advertising automation.

In this guide, we explore why automation is essential to the future success and the long-term growth of the media buying marketplace, and we reveal how intelligent automation systems help marketers feel more confident in their ability to contribute toward a healthy, growing business.

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