Jul 2022
Basis Technologies

SaaS Company Boosts Brand Awareness with High-Frequency Omnichannel Campaign

A growing SaaS company boosted its brand awareness with a high-frequency omnichannel campaign that reached 91.4 million people and resulted in 4-point brand lift.


How fast is SaaS (Software as a Service) growing? The SaaS industry keeps growing rapidly in the business-to-business space, with no end in sight. SaaS remains the largest market segment and is forecasted to reach $145.3 billion in 2022, up 19% from the previous year. With more than 15,000 SaaS companies worldwide, competition has never been fiercer. And when companies want to learn more about a particular product, they turn to well-known industry leaders. Our customer, an innovative SaaS company, is one of those leaders. They provide leading B2B software solutions to simplify and automate operations that drive increased profitability and greater efficiencies across an entire organization.


The SaaS company turned to Basis Technologies to provide a strategic digital media recommendation that would achieve their business goals. They had worked with Basis Technologies for numerous campaigns previously and knew they would deliver unmatched digital media planning, buying, and activation through their expert teams and owned and operated demand-side platform (DSP), Basis. Together, the SaaS company and Basis Technologies developed a high-frequency, omnichannel campaign inclusive of walled gardens, rolling it out nationally with a localized heavy-up approach. Additionally, the team leveraged Basis Technologies' Media Sciences to provide in-depth vertical, market, and consumer insights based on syndicated/proprietary media research to improve campaign performance. The team didn’t miss a beat. Basis Technologies provided access to a custom Datorama Dashboard to provide transparency and analytics to manage cross-channel campaigns while providing insight and optimization recommendations to reach and exceed KPIs (key performance indicators).

Campaign Highlights

CTV and Pre-Roll

Basis Technologies focused on a full-funnel approach that leveraged :15 and :30 ads across programmatic CTV and pre-roll video—as well as Basis' extensive private marketplace (PMP) library—to access high-value premium inventory. The video completion rate (VDC) for CTV achieved a high 97%. Additionally, the Pre-Roll video format achieved a high 73% VCR, exceeding the goal of 70%.

Behavioral and Contextual Targeting

The team maximized touchpoints by serving standard and native display ads on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops. Behavioral targeting via LiveIntent and contextual tactics drove the strongest eCPM efficiency with 34% of all display impressions. The campaign achieved a $4.68 eCPM, exceeding the goal of $4.93.

Industry Targeting is Costly but Effective

To move further down the funnel and capitalize on scale, the team implemented a Meta and LinkedIn campaign. Coverage on these platforms provided the most robust targeting capabilities including
by industry, job title, interest, and retargeting engagers. The Meta campaign attained a $1.77 CPLPV (85% over benchmark). Meanwhile, LinkedIn achieved a $27.40 CPLPV (47% over benchmark) and played a critical role in reaching a senior-level target audience at an above-average CTR of 0.42% (among those with founder, CEO, and owner job titles)


  • The Basis campaign was highly successful in driving performance across the funnel for those exposed to media. Not only did media exposure significantly move the needle on awareness but lower-funnel metrics also saw a statistically significant lift.
  • 4-point lift in brand awareness
  • 4-point lift in brand favorability and consideration
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