Jul 2021
Basis Technologies

An Athletic Apparel Brand Increases Sales by Expanding its Digital Media Reach


An athletic apparel brand that established itself through social media growing a cult following via Instagram, attributes a lot of its early success to social advertising. Prior to working with Basis Technologies, the brand was hesitant to advertise in the windows between collection launches and on channels outside of Facebook/Instagram. At the same time, the brand was eager to expand its customer base to ultimately generate more e-commerce sales between and during collection launches.


Though the brand had a cult following from Instagram, their growth potential was inhibited because they were limited to sharing content and products with their own followers and their influencers’ audiences. The brand came to Basis Technologies seeking a way to grow its audience base while maintaining a high return on ad spend.


The Basis Technologies managed services team expanded the brand’s media mix from social-only to a mix of programmatic, paid social, and paid search with an always-on approach, therefore increasing the brand’s reach and customer base across each channel.


By expanding the brand’s reach and customer base, the Basis Technologies team was able to increase revenue and ROAS with each new collection launched.

Basis Technologies provided the expertise and buying power that resulted in 51.4MM impressions generating $5.3MM total campaign-driven revenue with an impressive $10.60 return on ad spend.


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