Jun 2021
Basis Technologies

A Cohesive Digital Strategy Leads to an Impressive ROAS


A woman’s wellness company wanted an expert partner to help develop a strong digital media strategy that connects with the right audience and drives purchase conversions.


  • Client new to digital media
  • New brand with low awareness
  • Highly niche audience
  • High price point product


Basis Technologies' managed services solution provided a strategic planning framework based on market intelligence to guide the development of audience insights, data requirements, channel strategies, and measurement plans for long-term success.

The Basis Technologies team implemented an all-channel–full-funnel approach that leveraged audience insights and targeted women 45-65+ with beauty, wellness, and luxury shopper affinity. The team used upper-funnel tactics such as podcasts and display to help drive awareness and website traffic. Also, the team used retargeting, cart abandonment tactics, along with Search and Social to drive final conversions.


Basis Technologies provided the digital media expertise that resulted in 8,430 purchases generating over $650K in revenue with an impressive $1.32 return on ad spending.

  • $657,544 revenue generated
  • 8,430 purchases
  • $1.32 return on ad spend (ROAS)
  • $63.61 cost per ad
  • 22,671,751 million impressions


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