Aug 10 2015
Basis Technologies

Working at Centro: A day in the life


Our culture month celebration is hitting full steam! The greatest proponents of our culture are the Centrons, so what better way to highlight our culture than to pay homage to our amazing employees? Check out this edition of Working at Centro: A day in the life.

In these brief accounts, we’ll introduce you to a variety of job titles as well as the amazing people who hold these positions. From account supervisors to media planners, events coordinators and more, we’ll offer a behind-the-scenes look at what it’s really like to work here at Centro.

Without further ado, it is our pleasure to introduce Christine Kim, Account Management Supervisor of Channel Sales. Take a look at how Christine found her way to us, why she loves it here, and how she makes Centro an even better place work on a daily basis.

What is your current role at Centro? Give us a snapshot of what this role entails.
I am currently an Account Management Supervisor for the Channel Sales team. My roles consist of two major components:

  • Helping local publishers extend the reach of their campaigns ultimately resulting in growth of online revenue for them. This allows publishers to not only offer their own sites but also inventory across every website, exchange, device, and platform.
  • Managing a team of Account Managers and Account Coordinators (my favorite part). I oversee the team responsible for media planning and campaign execution. I also work with a team of directors to constantly grow and evolve Centro’s offerings.

What interested you in Centro and your particular position?
What interested me at first were the people. Every person I encountered who worked at Centro was incredibly helpful – in a way that I had not experienced in the industry anywhere else. Having worked on the agency side for most of my career, I had worked with many partners and Centro always stuck out to me as the vendor that always went above and beyond.

After doing more research, I quickly realized that what set Centro apart were two main things: the development of technology and the people. I learned that when you invest in people, they invest back in the vision and technology you are building.

I was interested in the Channel Sales team position for many reasons. I had heard a lot of feedback that the team was amazing (it really is!) and that the leadership was strong. Channel Sales also brought a different twist to the industry and I was fascinated by all the growth they had made in the past four or five years. I knew there would be so much opportunity for me to grow and for me to help – and to be totally honest, every ounce of me knew that this was the right move. Everything about it seemed right! I never thought I would say that about a job, but it’s the truth!

Centro offers a wide spectrum of perks and benefits. Which one is your favorite/what have you found to be the most useful perk?
My favorite perk about Centro is the management training sessions with Shawn (our CEO). I learn so much during these sessions and the fact that he is willing to meet with the management team to teach, listen and mentor in a small group speaks volumes about what Centro is about. Most importantly, it has taught me to be humble and always challenges me to be my best.

What is Centro’s ‘Change the World’ day and what did you do for yours?
Well, one day a year, Centro allows you to pick a day and volunteer at one charity or non-profit of your choosing. But I didn’t do one big event. Instead, I took the day to do 31 random acts of kindness. Some of these acts included buying groceries for the person behind me, writing handwritten letters to thank people who have impacted my life, leaving Starbucks gift cards in my building’s elevator, taping dollars to the vending machine, adopting a soldier, etc. It was an amazing day and I can’t wait to do it again!

What is your favorite hobby outside of work? How has Centro encouraged you to pursue your goals outside of the office?
My favorite hobby outside of work is my dog. I love snuggling up with my dog and reading a good book.

For a very long time, I struggled with balance in my life. One of my goals this past year was to have more balance. I don’t mean a work/life balance –leaving work at 5 PM and coming in at 9 AM. I mean more balance in regards to not thinking about work and not having anxiety about going to work, as well as being more present when my family and friends are talking to me about important things that are happening in their lives. These were things I simply never had done or understood before. However, with the mentorship and leadership of people at Centro, I can truly say that I have achieved more balance in my life. No longer do I come into work feeling a sense of anxiety, but instead I feel as if I am walking into a place that is helping me grow and is supportive of me. Because of that, I feel as if I can let go of “work version” Christine or “home version” Christine and just be Christine. That in itself is so empowering and helped me achieve this goal.

If you could add one new thing to the office, what would it be?
Either more conference rooms or a nap room!

If you were trying to convince someone to work in your group at Centro, what would say to them?
You know the best part of family and the best part of all your friends? That’s Channel Sales for you.

Twitter or Facebook?
Instagram, duh!

Apple or Android?

Coffee or Tea?

Gryffindor or Slytherin?
I had to Google what this meant! I never got into the Harry Potter series so this was a difficult question to answer. I asked my cousin –who had read the entire series, and she told me I was Ravenclaw.

We hope you enjoyed this sneak peak into the mind of a Centron. Please have a wonderful week and make sure you are back next month to see our next Centron profile.