Aug 13 2015
Basis Technologies

Working at Centro: A Day in the Life


Welcome back, friends! We’re giving you another peek into the different jobs at Centro with the newest addition of Working at Centro: A Day in the Life.

In these brief accounts, we’ll introduce you to a variety of job titles as well as the amazing people behind them. From account supervisors to media planners, events coordinators and more, we’ll offer a backstage look at what it’s really like to work at Centro.

Today, we are introducing you to Joe Didato, our director of platform solutions. Take a look at how Joe learned of Centro, why he loves it here, and how he tries to make the company an even better place to work on a daily basis.

What is your current role at Centro? Give us a snapshot of what this role entails.

I am the director of platform solutions.

In this role, I’m a part of the platform direct sales team, which helps technology companies, marketers, search teams and mid-size agencies understand and utilize the SiteScout platform. We’re growing fast and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of it!

What interested you in Centro and your particular position?

This is a new move for me and, to be honest, it was a bit natural given my interest in SiteScout from the very beginning. I have a few years of mobile experience, which made even more sense given the platform has advantages and distinction in the marketplace as a DSP for mobile. I recognized this discrepancy early on and it’s been great telling the marketplace about it.

I competed with Centro for a good part of my career working at Internet Broadcasting and Cox Digital Solutions. I was always impressed with the continuous innovation Centro brought to the market, so I thought it would be great to join the party.

Centro offers a wide spectrum of perks and benefits. Which one is your favorite/what have you found to be the most useful perk?

To be honest, I haven’t really taken full advantage of all the perks. I like the healthy food options in the NY offices, and appreciate the active support from the T&D team!

What did you do on your ‘Change the World’ day?

I’m embarrassed to say I didn’t do much. But something is in the works for this year!

What is your favorite hobby outside of work? How has Centro encouraged you to pursue your goals outside of the office?

I don’t necessarily have a favorite hobby. However, I’m very much into music – I just haven’t really pursued creating it. I have a friend who even started a piano software company, (called – check it out!) and it would be great to find the time to start. I’m also very into traveling and cook a ton. I built a great kitchen extension for my house recently, and Centro’s employment helped me in this area for sure! I’ll need to work on developing that big dream and connect with Centro on how to achieve it in 2015.

If you could add one new thing to the office, what would it be?

Every Friday afternoon we put on some cool tunes. I wonder if we could build on that in some way?

If you were trying to convince someone to work in your group at Centro, what would say to them?

I would say that we’ve got our own incredible culture inside Centro. We have a lot of fun, we work hard and fast, we’re passionate and innovative and we work within the one of the hottest elements of digital media today.

Twitter or Facebook?

Twitter. I’m getting tired of Facebook #overfacebook.

Apple or Android?

Apple, but I certainly respect Android! I like that there’s competition and I’m hopeful Microsoft makes some in-roads to create even more.

Coffee or Tea?

Coffee, more coffee!

Gryffindor or Slytherin?