Jul 1 2015
Basis Technologies

Working at Centro: A Day in the Life


Welcome back, friends! With the 4th of July just around the corner and fun weekend plans in the queue, what better time to bring you a new edition of Working at Centro: A Day in the Life, featuring another one of our radiant Centrons.

These accounts give us the opportunity to introduce you to the diverse job titles here at Centro, as well as the incredible employees who hold these positions. From account supervisors to media planners, event coordinators and more, we’ll offer an exclusive look at what it’s really like to work at Centro.

Before the holiday festivities kick off, we’d like to introduce you to Shira Brenman, supervisor of the paid social and video team. Take a look below to learn more about Shira, why she was interested in working at Centro, and what she enjoys most about working here.

What is your current role at Centro? Give us a snapshot of what this role entails. I am the supervisor of the paid social and video team. The team’s job is to run paid media campaigns on behalf of clients across a multitude of social media platforms. My position requires me to lead the strategy, process development, and management of these campaigns. I am constantly in touch with clients, traveling to their offices, and working with sales, social technologies and site reps to continuously improve Centro’s offering by discovering new partnerships.

What interested you in Centro and your particular position? I started at Centro as the second employee in the RTB group and have watched it grow over the last four years. As a result, I’ve had my hand in a little bit of everything: search, social, video, display, programmatic, etc. That experience has been instrumental in providing me with an expansive foundation of industry knowledge. Initially, I was drawn to Centro’s small, family feel culture and having started at ground level allowed me to experience everything first-hand – which made a huge difference when I started leading others facing similar situations. Fostering an incredible team of smart, hard-working people has been the most rewarding opportunity I have encountered in my position.

Centro offers a wide spectrum of perks and benefits. Which one is your favorite/what have you found to be the most useful perk? I spend a lot of time at the gym and enjoy discovering fun ways to stay in shape and active year round. That’s why the Bucks to Get Buff reimbursement is my absolute favorite. It compliments my personal interests and it’s great to know that Centro supports a healthy lifestyle.

What did you do on your ‘Change the World’ day? One day a year, Centro allows employees to volunteer at a charity or non-profit of their choice, but I couldn’t just take one day! I decided to take a group of ten Centrons to Guatemala for a service learning trip. We worked on the coffee farms and construction projects that benefited the local community. It was a rewarding experience, and something I may not have ever done without the support Centro provided.

What is your favorite hobby outside of work? How has Centro encouraged you to pursue your goals outside of the office? I’ve always loved playing sports. Centro has encouraged me to get back into softball. I also play on Centro’s sand volleyball team during the summer.

If you could add one new thing to the office, what would it be? A walking treadmill desk. What better way to catch a second wind during a busy day!

If you were trying to convince someone to work in your group at Centro, what would you say to them? The paid social and video team has enormous growth potential in the advertising technology space. Everyone on the team is awesome and communicates really well with each other.

Twitter or Facebook? Facebook

Apple or Android? Apple

Coffee or Tea? No caffeine for me!

Gryffindor or Slytherin? Never read them… eek