Mar 23 2018
Joe Pospisil

The RGB of RTB


As a digital media professional, what would it mean for you to have a full set of digital tools at your disposal? Before you start thinking about the answer to that question, let’s start with an analogy.

Imagine you are a renowned artist and you have been commissioned to create a painting of the beach. Your client is going to spend a significant amount of money, and you will spend countless hours on the project. You have your brushes, your easel, and your canvas, but when it comes to paint, you only have the color blue. Sure, you can paint a lovely painting of the water and the sky, but what’s a beach without the sand, the sun, or the small plane flying by advertising local bar specials?!

Now, I have nothing against the color blue. In fact, it’s actually my favorite color. But think of how limiting it would be as the only color on an artist’s palette. All the talent in the world wouldn’t help the artist portray the full breadth of the visual landscape.

The lesson here is very simple. Client happiness and return on investment are paramount to a successful partnership – those are the goods that keep you in business. Without them, a client’s money goes elsewhere. Maybe to different mediums, a different artist, or several different artists who can meet their expectations.

As unrelated as it may seem, digital media agencies are a lot like the commissioned artist in this scenario. The digital landscape is increasingly cluttered and complex. Standing out and creating competitive differentiation requires agencies to create more elaborate stories for their clients and produce meaningful, valuable, and creative executions. The campaigns they work on should provide extensive and layered insights – learnings that impact future expenditures and marketing tactics. Like an artist, the agency needs to provide a specialized service that a brand can’t create on their own.

But that is not as simple as it sounds. Getting from point A to point B means overseeing and orchestrating numerous technology tools to manage granular elements of a digital media buy -- vendors, creative units, devices, cost types, tracking metrics and more. It also means increased complexity, because digital advertisers today work with an average of 4-5 vendors in each of the ‘DSP,’ ‘data provider & data management,’ and ‘other ad tech’ categories.

Considering that most digital advertisers and agencies are dealing with the same above-mentioned opportunities and problems just to meet the minimum that’s expected of them, how is an agency supposed to stand out?

It all comes down to the tools.

The tools at an agency’s disposal, much like the colors on an artist’s palette, have a direct impact on the level of creativity, insight, and performance that can be provided for a client. Agencies cannot afford (literally) to be limited by a lack of access to information, nor can they be burdened by the inefficiencies of having their teams toggle between multiple platforms or dashboards throughout the day to accomplish both simple and complex tasks.

Basis by Centro is more than the color blue! It is the multi-color palette that digital agencies and marketers need. It’s the most robust DSP on the market, nestled inside a single system that provides unparalleled access to data across your entire digital media process. It’s powered with real-time and on-demand information that transforms into actionable intelligence about your client’s business – and your own. Recently ranked as the #1 DSP, according to user feedback on software review site G2 Crowd, Basis is wrapped around must-have features and benefits such as:

  • Ability to plan and buy both biddable and direct, IO-based inventory
  • Full integration and data port for search and social reporting to allow for comprehensive campaign analytics on all paid placements
  • Highly intuitive interface and campaign building cadence
  • Brand safety and qualified, vetted content and inventory
  • Business intelligence and workload metrics to give you a 360-degree view of your organization

Want to unlock your ability to provide sticky, meaningful, and colorful masterpieces for your clients? Learn more about Basis on our website or email us at