Oct 20 2015
Basis Technologies

The Pillars of Performance, Part 3: Execution


There’s an age-old debate around the merits of marketing versus brand advertising.

Marketers claim: “Creative is not valuable unless it closes business and makes money.”

Brand advertisers argue: “Good creative isn’t about numbers, it’s about inspiring people.”

Wait. Isn’t it about both?

Whether you agree or not, the convergence of creative and performance is happening right before our very eyes – literally. It occurs in your feeds, shows up as recommendations in searches, appears in the right-hand rail, it even materializes now and again in banner placements (#digitaldinosaur).

Nowadays, customers are smart, challenging, and fast-paced. As a result creative has to be, too. Unless you hit the viral campaign lottery or have a mega-brand budget, without a sound performance plan in place that includes such data as targeting layers, various format metrics, channel insights, etc., being agile (while making smart decisions) is nearly impossible. And in today’s digital landscape, that means your brand will end up in ruins.

The reality is, creative can’t show performance without data and metrics – and high performing media isn’t possible without creative thinking applied every step of the way. Looks like it’s time for marketers and advertisers to hug it out.

Reaching consumers is both an art and a science – something we explore in detail in our Pillars of Performance strategy. The release of our third pillar: execution, focuses exclusively on messaging and format and how to build high performing creative that’s able to stand against the toughest competitors, including time.

Tune back in over the course of the next few days to learn in detail about pillars four and five and find out what you can do to get started on a performance plan of your own. You can also review Pillar 1: Audiences, and Pillar 2: Channel here. Questions on this approach? Give us a shout – we’re ready to support your every digital need.