Oct 15 2015
Basis Technologies

The Pillars of Performance, Part 2: Channel


Mobile has created over one million hours of potential reach in the U.S. every day.

One million.

That’s no Austin Powers reference, that’s a very real and incredible fact – one that’s still hard to wrap our heads around as marketers.

There’s no doubt that mobile has changed the game and upped the ante. But, it’s still just one device and one channel of many. We’re living in a hyper-connected world filled with over 7 billion people, with a staggering number of whom are collectively researching, shopping, DIY-ing, sharing, and connecting across a multitude of devices and channels at every moment of any given day. In fact, Gartner predicts that by the end of 2015, 4.9 billion connected things will be in use, and by 2020? 25 billion.

Now is your chance to take action. Fortify your strategy with a performance plan that places channel choice as a pivotal stake in upholding your brand story.

As the second pillar in our performance plan model, channel is a critical nuance. Take time to understand the difference between brand channels and engagement channels, as well as what ones serve which purpose for your brand. Study how your consumers behave across these channels and sites. Discern the path they take and where your message fits best.

With so many choices and opportunities to connect with your consumers, remember that while you may be looking to capitalize on many of those million hours of opportunity, it all boils down to one single, amazingly powerful moment.

Tune back in over the course of the next few weeks to learn in detail what exactly each pillar includes and what you can do to get started. You can also review Pillar 1: Audiences, here. Questions on this approach? Give us a shout – we’re ready to support your every digital need.