Apr 1 2015
Ryan Manchee

The Digital Innovations Awesome List: SXSW Edition


After a great trip to Austin earlier this month for the annual geek and nerd pilgrimage known as SXSW (or southby if really want to sound hip), we’ve included a few takeaways we thought summed up many of the amazing speakers, exhibitions, and innovations we experienced, as well as some non-SXSW related industry updates. We know that keeping up with the trade publications and the latest trends is tough and time consuming, so we find the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you probably missed, but should definitely read.


Self By Self West

Part summer camp reunion, part conference, part zoo, part brand exhibitionism, SXSW has become an enabler of narcissism for both people and brands looking to be more influential, either socially or within their organizations. It’s not all bad, but it’s not all good either. Here are some key takeaways from Deep Focus CEO, Ian Schafer.


Meerkat Becomes Unofficial Livestreaming Video Platform at SXSW
After Twitter’s breakout success in 2007 and Foursquare’s in 2009, the industry was looking for a new breakout app forSXSW 2015. Meerkat won the prize for biggest buzz amongst attendees. It’s a live-streaming app that allows users to broadcast live video from their phones, as well as host text discussions within each broadcast. Plus, it just got a cool $14m in funding.


Missed #SXSW? Here's a Recap of Publisher-Relevant Sessions That Rocked

For publishers trying to understand the frenzied and changing digital media landscape, here is a look at three sessions from SXSW Interactive that nailed it. Want a hint?  Lots of branded content is a must!


The 5 Best Innovations at SXSW 2015

A breakdown of some of the unique innovations on display. Some of these are incredible. Others, we aren’t so sure. But regardless, all are worth checking out.


SXSW Takeaway: Humans Are the Real Supercomputers

With all the effort being invested in how we design machines to operate, is there something we can learn in terms of how we utilize our human talent -- the real supercomputers? Take a look at how data science and creativity can (and should) come together.


Is native advertising "repurposed bovine waste"?

Last year, John Oliver suggested on his HBO show, Last Week Tonight, that native advertising was "repurposed bovine waste." But despite the fact that millions watched his 11 plus minute rant, spending on native ads continues to skyrocket!


Solving the Cross-Device Problem

Mobile’s convenience is wonderful for audiences, but it creates a problem for marketers trying to advertise across devices. Read about how Facebook’s Atlas is attempting to solve the problem through people-based marketing.


What Does The MRAID Video Addendum Mean for VPAID?
The IAB recently announced support for a Video Addendum to MRAID. Expect improved video metric tracking and increased standardization for mobile video.


Rentrak Fails MRC Audit, TV Ratings Accreditation Withheld
Following more than a year of extensive auditing of its TV audience measurement methods, the Media Rating Council has determined that Rentrak’s national and local TV ratings are not yet ready for prime-time and will not receive accreditation.


Crackle Exits NewFronts, Fashioning Itself a TV Player

Sony’s online video service Crackle is pulling out of the “NewFronts,” the digital world’s version of the annual event when TV networks pitch their upcoming programming to marketers. Seeing itself as a TV programmer with long, high-value content, they are shifting their presentation to the cable Upfronts.


Sony’s PlayStation Vue Is Introduced in 3 Cities
Television fans who want to break free from a traditional TV subscription now have more options than ever to pay for what they want to watch, and how they want to watch it. Sony recently introduced its PlayStation Vue web-based streaming TV service, which for $50 a month offers a bundle of channels along with a personalized, searchable approach to watching live and on-demand television.


That does it for this edition of DIAL! We hope you enjoyed it and have a great week. See you next month!