The Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL)


Welcome to the latest Digital Innovations Awesome List (DIAL). We know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time consuming. So we went ahead and compiled this list of articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Go ahead and check out this week’s list. And if you have any questions feel free to email us at

Snapchat to Sell Ads, Targets Millennials

Attention advertisers: Snapchat is preparing to sell ten second ads for two cents per view. This could be a perfect and affordable way for advertisers to target Millennials.

Will 'Shazamming' TV ads ever catch on?

Is Shazam for TV commercials the QR code for traditional TV? Will it come with an equally imminent death as well or does it pose a scalable opportunity that capitalizes on second-screen behaviors? Get Digiday’s opinion on ‘Shazamming’ and find out whether it will catch on for TV.

Five Things You Need to Know About This Year's NewFronts

After seven years, and 33 presentations alone this year, the NewFronts is finally a fixture for advertisers. Here are five things you need to know about NewFronts and how it is no longer a secondary event to TV Upfronts.

Nielsen Will Begin Measuring Video Ads on Roku

Nielsen took its first leap into measuring connected TV/OTT with the device that has the largest U.S. footprint in the space, Roku. This is a huge indication that video streaming providers mean business for digital advertisers.

Like It or Not, Autoplay Video Won

While there are certainly pros and cons of autoplay video ads, Facebook’s use of the format has pushed it to the front of the pack of other social platforms, with many following suit.

At NAB Vegas Show, Questions and Observations About The Future Of TV

Here are four takeaways from the National Association of Broadcasters’ show that recently took place in Las Vegas. One of the biggest themes seen throughout the show was the future of TV and how streaming services are becoming an ever-greater player in the TV space.

YouTuber John Green Tells Advertisers to Get With It Already

YouTube’s NewFront Brandcast presentation featured a keynote from John Green telling brands that they will “become increasingly irrelevant to young viewers if they don’t get in the participatory YouTube frame of mind.”

Chevy Runs Digital Video Ads in Print (Yes, You Read That Right)

Video in print versions of Esquire and Popular Mechanics “is obviously expensive,” but is also an innovative new approach to video. The one question we are dying to have answered is how does the agency measure viewability?

Mobile Video Advertising Up 5x in a Single Year in Opera Mediaworks’ ‘State of the Ad’ Report

People keep saying that mobile video ads are on the rise, but just how much and how quickly? Video is now responsible for 55% of revenue for publishers! So guess you could say it’s a pretty big deal.

These 3D Mobile Ads Are Grabbing Brands’ Attention

Want to keep your clients up-to-date on the sexiest and latest in mobile ad unit perspectives? You’ll probably want to share some details about 3D mobile ads. Popular 3D executions are created for Facebook, Instagram and sophisticated mobile rich media providers.

Babies as Young as Six Months Using Mobile Media

While we’re no stranger to the fact that the population as a whole is using smartphones and tablets more consistently, it looks like mobile junkies are getting younger and younger. Toddlers as young (or younger) than two are up-to-speed on how to use mobile devices and are doing so even before they can walk or talk. #babysfirstselfie?

Media Ratings Council Issues Interim Guidance for Mobile Viewability, Adds a Not-Quite-Viewable Category

Initially excluded from most viewability conversations, the continued massive growth of the mobile category has digital regulators honing-in on setting standards. The MRC (Media Ratings Council) recently released interim guidance on mobile viewability and even added a new category to the mix.

The SoDA Report 1H2015

Check out the most viewed digital trend publication in the world – the Society of Digital Agency (SoDA) Report. Included in the report are some awesome themes about technology development and the utilization of data that continues to resonate with clients and brands.

Have a great week and be sure to tune-in next time for more digital innovations awesomeness.