Apr 20 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: Google’s AI Sprint, Considerations for Cannabis Advertisers, and More 


5 Considerations for Cannabis Advertising [:03] 

Happy 4/20! Thanks to the many layers of regulation, marketers navigating the cannabis space may end up feeling lost in the weeds. To make sure your cannabis campaign doesn’t go up in smoke, check out these five highly useful tips that any brand can use to build an impactful cannabis marketing strategy. 

Google Ads Tested Its Privacy-Focused Tech … And The Results Are Meh [:04] 

Google Ads published the results of an experiment designed to test Google’s interest-based audience solutions, including Topics API, first-party publisher IDs, and contextual data. The results: “Lukewarm optimism,” according to AdExchanger. Meanwhile, Marketing Dive further explored the (many) caveats to the study’s relative success

Google Devising Radical Search Changes to Beat Back A.I. Rivals [:07] 

Google is sprinting to bring new AI-powered features to its search engine under threat of competitors like the new Bing (which Samsung may reportedly ditch Google for). But even as Google rushes to keep up, the CEO of OpenAI has warned the research strategy on which their chatbot is based is “played out.” 

Despite DEI promises, media companies are still mostly hiring white people [:03] 

How have publishers performed against their goals of increasing diversity among their workforces in the past few years? Candidly: not great. This piece explores some of the latest trends and reports. P.S.: Check out the latest episode of AdTech Unfiltered to learn how marketers can support a more diverse media ecosystem. 

Nielsen’s national TV ratings service reaccredited after 19-month suspension [:02] 

After suffering a precipitous fall from grace back in 2021, legacy measurement firm Nielsen was redeemed this week when their National Television Audience Measurement service was reaccredited. Here's what advertisers need to know about the development—including an important caveat.  

Test Your Digital Advertising Knowledge!    

Show off your marketing chops with our question of the week. This week’s hot topic: podcast advertising. 

In 2023, US podcast ad spend will reach $2 billion. What percentage of total digital audio ad spend does that number represent?  

A. 15.2% 

B. 29.5% 

C. 41.4% 

D. 52.8% 

Click here to get the answer, plus a rundown of four key things digital marketers need to know to make the most of their podcast advertising in 2023. 


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