Jan 5 2023
Ryan Manchee

Scout: Advancements in AI, Shifts in Digital Ad Dominance, and More in This Week’s Digest of Top Digital Marketing Content 


Welcome to Scout! Each week, our team tracks down the best digital marketing articles, POVs, and reports—so you don't have to. Here’s what to read from the week of 12/30/22 – 1/5/23 to stay ahead of the curve:

Google and Meta’s Advertising Dominance Fades as TikTok, Streamers Emerge [:06]  

Will 2023 bring the death of the duopoly? With Google and Meta accounting for less than 50% of US digital ad spend for the first time since 2014—and with TikTok and retail media networks gobbling up more and more market share—we may be looking at a sea change in digital advertising

Caution, conservative budgeting to dominate Q1 2023 as marketers look to ‘outsmart’ rather than ‘outspend’ [:04]

Caution seems to be the name of the game for marketers heading into 2023. With economic uncertainty still looming, many advertisers are looking for creative and flexible ways to connect with consumers without amping up their budgets.     

Programmatic Advertising Trends to Know for 2023 [:08]

Today, programmatic advertising is a medium that touches nearly every facet of digital marketing. This piece details seven trends marketers need to know as we head into the new year—as well as how to capitalize on them.

Think AI was impressive last year? Wait until you see what’s coming. [:06]

The conversation surrounding artificial intelligence went from a rumble to a roar near the end of 2022, and experts see 2023 being another year of breakthroughs. This article breaks down predictions for what the year ahead could hold and flags questions those potential advancements might raise.  

Marketers face a mishmash of privacy regulations in 2023. Will federal regulation help? [:04]

New year, new privacy regulations—five, to be exact. While advertisers juggle state-specific compliance requirements, the ad industry and US federal government continue to work toward universal standards and legislation to ease compliance woes.


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