Sep 30 2015
Basis Technologies

Publisher Partner of the Month: The Atlanta Journal Constitution


We are excited to spotlight the Atlanta Journal Constitution (AJC) as our October Partner of the Month! The Atlanta Journal Constitution had a very quick ramp up and has consistently been one of our top spenders throughout the year. Mindy Zaj, audience extension specialist, said that the publisher’s digital extension business has really taken off since it started working with Centro DSP earlier this year. To date, AJC is seeing about $2.18 million in retail reach extension revenue.

Mindy also noted how Centro DSP has contributed to the success of the organization’s overall digital strategy. “It has allowed us a great amount of flexibility and many more opportunities to find the best solutions for our clients. We have a very diverse set of clientele, including local, regional and national, all with their own sets of needs and challenges,” she added.

Sales and buyer training as well as a bit of buyer services have really helped AJC take off and continuously flourish month over month. “Being able to work with Centro DSP and the amazing team at Centro gives us a strong partner in maneuvering thru today’s ever changing digital world,” Zaj concluded.

Big thanks to the Atlanta Journal Constitution! We are excited to see where 2016 takes you!