Dec 21 2015
Grace Briscoe

Political Digital Digest: December 2015 Edition


The campaign trail: it’s where so much of the election magic happens.

But, the road to victory is no longer just about hitting every town hall in every state, shaking hands and holding babies. Today, candidates are vying for voter’s attention online too, which means developing a digital strategy that places them in every feed, behind trending hashtags, and in the center of endless virtual conversations. There’s no debate. The 2016 campaign trail is going in a truly digital direction.

In fact, digital media has critically transformed how voters consume and share information. Take last week’s debates for example. Not only were they televised, but also streamed via sites and apps, live –blogged, and discussed in real-time across social media: #GOPdebate and #YourVoiceYourVote.

Early predictions show digital media is the real front-runner in this election and one of the big stories of this campaign. Spend is growing tremendously. Adoption is practically ubiquitous for both voters and candidates. And if Trump’s enormous (and mostly organic) social following is any indication, this election is playing out on a digital stage – louder than ever.

Each issue of Political Digital Digest brings you the latest news and developing stories about the innovative role digital media is playing in the election. Everything you need to know is right here, right now.


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