Apr 5 2012
Basis Team

Owned and Earned Media and Digital Strategies

  • According to eMarketer, digital marketers worldwide are investing a greater portion of their total marketing budget online this year. In fact, a recent SoDA study found that one-third of respondents expect to invest 60 percent or more of their ad budget digitally, while 25 percent plan to significantly increase their digital owned and earned media spend. This is clearly a very exciting time for the digital space, particularly with the explosion of social media, which is creating a larger need to reorganize and change current marketing strategies and processes. Read More: Digital Marketers Shuffle Budget to Boost Owned and Earned
  • According to a new ANA recession survey, 52 percent of marketers surveyed will challenge their agencies to reduce costs internally, placing pressure on agencies to share the cost-effectiveness load. With this inward focus, it’s imperative that both marketers and agencies determine how they can extend their capabilities in the most cost-efficient ways so they can accomplish more in the future. This notion is validated by ANA CEO, Bob Liodice, “Though the industry outlook is trending toward stability, marketers need to be careful not to simply rely on short-term answers to solve enduring budget issues. Marketers need lasting solutions that focus on efficiency. We need to view this as an opportunity to push our industry to reach the next level of innovation and evolution.” Read More: ANA 2012 Recession Survey Shows Steadfast, Conservative Outlook