Dec 10 2021
Clare McKinley

Our Top 10 Blog Posts of 2021 


2021: What a year. Was it only 12 months ago that we were celebrating the end of 2020’s chaos?  

In the world of advertising, 2021 saw more than a few paradigm-shifting events. Google announced the delay of third-party cookie deprecation on its Chrome browser, Facebook rebranded to Meta, and Kim Kardashian started dating Pete Davidson as a PR stunt—just kidding (but maybe...)!  

Through it all, Basis Technologies worked to bring you the latest news and insights from the ever-evolving advertising industry. Read on to check out 10 of the articles that most resonated with our readers in 2021. 

Editor’s note: Basis Technologies rebranded from Centro in October 2021.  

1. Embracing the Identity Crisis: A Note from Centro’s CEO

Basis CEO Shawn Riegsecker penned this open letter to the industry in March, explaining why shifts in consumer privacy are opportunities to better ourselves as marketers. 

2. The Cookieless World: New Identity Solutions

Learn about three groups working toward innovative identity solutions. 

3. Prep Your DSP Social and Search Campaigns for Third-Party Cookie Loss

Here's everything you can do to prepare your DSP, social, and search campaigns for the loss of third-party cookies. 

4. Centro on Google’s Plan to Delay Third-Party Cookie Blocking  

When news broke that Google was delaying the implementation of third-party cookie blocking in Chrome until late 2023, Basis’ VP of Product Marketing, Aubrey Lehrmann, penned a response on what the development means for our industry. 

5. Gen Z and the Future of Digital Advertising

Advertisers must start developing strategies to reach and appeal to Gen Z, which is projected to become America’s largest generation by 2034. Here’s how. 

6. The Pitfalls of Stitching Data Together Manually

From inconsistency risks to scalability issues, here are six of the main challenges manual data integration efforts pose for businesses. 

7. Adweek NexTech: A Conversation on In-Housing with Arturo Pena, VP of Global Marketing at Cognizant  

Basis President Tyler Kelly spoke with Cognizant's Arturo Pena about the strategies of in-housing and B2B addressability in digital advertising. 

8. What Can Advertisers Do About Misinformation and Hate Speech on Social Media?

With misinformation and hate speech continuing to flood social networks, here's what social media advertisers can do to protect their brands and prompt change. 

9. How Trusted Messengers in Digital Ads Can Overcome Climate Change Skepticism

New Climate Voices’ partnership with Basis illustrates how digital advertising can shift opinions on climate change, even among highly skeptical audiences. 

10. Should You Be Advertising During a Supply Chain Crisis?

In the face of dwindling inventory, brands are wondering if they should scale back their marketing efforts. Here’s why businesses would be wise to continue advertising through any supply chain crisis. 


Farewell, 2021. Here's to a successful 2022, and have a Happy New Year!