May 31 2017
Christine Kim

Meet Our May Centro Certified Programmatic Grads


Centro Academy, an educational program where digital media buyers are trained in DSP buying foundations and advanced programmatic strategies, welcomed its second group of buyers to our Chicago HQ this month.

The May graduating class consisted of programmatic buyers at media companies and agencies from across North America. During the two-day immersive program, attendees were trained on a variety of DSP tools and techniques such as:

  • Campaign planning
  • Conversion tracking
  • Building data-driven campaigns
  • Optimizations
  • PMPs
  • Best practices for utilizing custom segments

As we told you back in March, students are encouraged to participate in interactive group work, ask questions, and get to know their fellow students. At the end of each day, students take a test to apply what they learned and become Centro Certified.

It's a unique experience, but don't just take my word for it. Hear from a Centro Academy graduate! Patrick McGovern, President and Chief Strategy Officer at, talks about his experience:

“Although the content ranged from fundamentals to advanced principles, it was always engaging. Each of the Centro experts brought their subject matter to life with metaphors, examples, and just plain enthusiasm.

The whole program was well choreographed; and every segment was thought-provoking and informative. The trainees in attendance also brought a lot of digital savvy to the table. In fact, a big part of learning for me was the workshop sessions.

During the group work, teams of four would come up with solutions to campaign scenarios that were put together by the Centro staff. Many of the solutions were smart; and there was so much to be learned just from the experience and skills of our fellow participants."

Want to know more about what Patrick learned at Centro Certified? Head to brandigital’s website, where Patrick wrote about everything that happened over those two days in the Windy City.

Missed the training event? We have another one coming up in August. Reach out to your Centro representative for more details!