Feb 25 2012
Basis Team

Impact of the Digital Explosion and Life of a Media Planner

  • What do digital media planners do? Are they immersed in building creative and strategic approaches? Are they media ninjas focused on hitting an exact target for advertiser success?  Where do they spend most of their time? One word: spreadsheets. The comical, yet sadly true snapshot below brings this reality to life. Media planners desperately need time-consuming administrative and logistical tasks taken off their plate, so that they can focus on what counts the most: creating happy clients through creativity, strategy and growth. See the Media Buyer Image
  • What makes an effective campaign? One key factor is the incorporation of high-quality, relevant sites that are repeatedly relied on by key audiences. News sites, for example, are visited by 63% of all adult Internet users, many of which are highly engaged users. These types of sites will be particularly crucial for the upcoming Presidential campaign.  According to Caroline Little, NAA president and CEO, “comScore data for 2011 demonstrates the growing appeal of newspapers’ online content – particularly for engaged, informed and affluent users whom advertisers, especially those buying political advertising in an election year, seek to reach.”  Read More: Growth trend continues for newspaper websites; more visitors stayed longer in Q4 2011 vs. 2010