Apr 22 2015
Basis Technologies

Have No Fear, There are Experts Here


Centro hosts the Inaugural Centro Certified: DSP Expert program.

At Centro, our sales team is used to answering a lot of questions. Lately, we’ve been getting inquiries around programmatic technology. Fortunately, we have a strong team of buying geniuses in-house to answer, but it made us think: How many of our partner teams would benefit from a crash course in programmatic?

We’re not the types to sit on an idea, and our in-house programmatic buyers quickly paired up with our Customer Success team to put together Centro’s first ever DSP Expert certification program. Today, we are proudly hosting almost 100 buyers from around the country, taking them through the entire buying process – from planning to execution to optimization. Each individual session will present tips, tricks and best practices for end-to-end programmatic prowess. Attendees will be doing group work, diving into real-life problem/solution scenarios, and will be tested at the end of the session to prove their newfound proficiency. Those that pass will receive a series of programmatic tools to help them keep their skills sharp. And like all exams worth studying for, there’s a happy hour at the end.

We’re so excited to have these buyers as guest students this week, and we’d love to have you join us next year! Reach out to your Centro sales representative to hear more about what we covered this year, or to get your name on the list for our next Centro Certified program.