May 6 2015
Basis Technologies

Generation X: Just In Case You Didn’t Get Enough…


From Gen X’s notoriety as the forgotten generation to its financial insecurities and generational adversities – it’s pretty clear that Gen Xers have been through quite a lot. And to add to their hardships, there is an urgent need for Gen Xers to get their financial and estate planning in order – especially as the first generation to exist in the digital age. In fact, Gen X has a lot more to consider than their parents or grandparents did in the past. To clarify, today’s estate planning is not just about death and taxes, but includes protection of assets from the potential claims of creditors as well as personal income tax planning. Additionally, advancements in technology and the emergence of digital assets have expanded the planning process to include such areas as social media accounts, personal computer files, email accounts, and other account information. Are you prepared? Find out on Financial Advisor>>