Feb 22 2012
Basis Team

Future of Media, Digital Mistakes and Outsourcing

  • What is the future of media? “We are witnessing a transformational moment in our industry. We are at the beginning stages where an industry lets go of broken and outdated business models (and processes) in order to be young again and creative about new models and new types of relationships,” as Shawn Riegsecker, CEO of Centro, stated in a recent interview with The Makegood. Can you imagine a rapidly changing media landscape that is also immersed in innovative approaches and processes? How refreshing! Read More: Shawn Riegsecker’s Centro Builds an Open Workflow Platform for Agencies
  • Perpetual direct response campaigns can be one of the most detrimental mistakes made my digital advertisers; this is due to the fact that the brand is no longer the driving force. The good news is that more U.S. marketers are moving towards brand-based objectives. According to eMarketer, U.S. online ad spending on branding accounted for 39% of total online ad spending in 2011 and it’s expected to rise to 43% in 2016. With this shift, we should continue to see a de-emphasis on CTR performance metrics. Read More: US ad agencies spend a greater share of budgets on branding campaigns than UK counterparts
  • More digital companies, even Twitter, are relying on outsourcing for digital innovation. This is becoming a trend as more companies rely on third-party experts to catapult them alongside changing technology, rather than “playing catch-up” in a less efficient manner. In essence, they are letting others do the grunt work for them, so they can focus on what they do best. Read More: Twitter Outsources Ad Innovation