Apr 12 2012
Basis Team

Digital Success, Consumer Trust, Screens and Consumption

  • Expectations are high and marketers are pressured to prove the value of their campaigns. According to eMarketer, marketers are relying on different metrics, such as CTR, brand lift, GRP, view-throughs, etc., which are leveraged in various ways. So, how should success be measured?  It is incredibly important for marketers to embrace holistic strategies that are accompanied by holistic performance metrics. Too often, we see marketers zero in on one metric or one channel, which may not represent the full potential and success of an entire campaign (e.g., CTR is used for branding initiatives, multiple screens/touch-points are overlooked).

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  • Social media’s disruptive force has led to a coalition of communities that breed trust among online consumers, according to a recent Nielsen study. Consumers are heavily relying on online recommendations, reviews and ratings. The study also found that online paid media, including banner ads, has experienced an increase in trust, while traditional paid media has declined over time. By levering paid, earned and owned media, marketers can continue to develop strong bonds with consumers. For example, earned media can be achieved with the help of strong brand-focused owned and paid media, which creates loyal and raving consumers.

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  • The outbreak of digital screens is spurring more news consumption. According to a PewResearch study, people are taking in news more often and for longer periods of time from all of their mobile devices; they are not replacing one for another. The study also found that the reputation/brand of a news organization was the most important factor in determining where consumers go for news.

These findings offer valuable insights to marketers.

  1. Create a holistic marketing strategy
  2. Select high-quality and high-impact media placements
  3. Remember strong branding creates loyalty.

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