Mar 22 2012
Basis Team

Digital Outsourcing Leads to More Opportunities


Last week, HFS published an article entitled “Why today’s outsourcing industry is a sham.” This informative POV tackles some of the perceptions made about outsourcing as a term and outsourcing as an industry. Below is a quick snippet of their article:

“What’s broken here is the fact that “outsourcing” is broken terminology and isn’t a real industry. Most of tomorrow’s deals are not going to involve major staff transitions from buyer to provider as part of the deal – today those engagements are on the wane as most of the bloated buyers have been progressively trimming their fat in recent years.  Moreover, most of the providers today have the capacity they need to service their clients and will only entertain major “lifts and shifts” of employees if these deals are strategic to their growth ambitions, and involve the transition of both domain expertise and technology assets.”

Centro’s CEO, Shawn Riegsecker shared this comment below:
We agree with the notion that “outsourcing” is broken terminology. The term is often misinterpreted and confused with “offshoring,” which creates an instant dark cloud of pessimism. However, we associate outsourcing with increased opportunities. As an outsourcer, we act as consultants who relieve time-consuming and inefficient tasks from agencies and advertisers, so they can focus on more strategic work that helps them accomplish more.

Check out the entire article and other comments here.