Jan 8 2019
Ryan Manchee

DIAL: Digital Innovations Awesome List (January 2019)


At Centro, we know that keeping up with the trade pubs and latest trends can be tough and time-consuming—so we made it easier for you, and compiled all the articles, reports, and other bits of awesomeness you may have missed, but should definitely read. Bundle up, and enjoy the latest list below!

5 Things We Learned About GDPR in 2018 [:05]

One of the hottest topics to hit the digital media industry in 2018—this EU-issued data protection regulation required many brands, advertisers, agencies, and ad tech vendors to scramble and meet this regulatory launch this past May. How much impact did it really have? What are some of the key learnings from the year and what things you should watch out for in 2019? Read on to answer those questions—and more!

Podcast advertising generates up to 4.4x better brand recall than other digital ads [:03]

According to new findings from recent Nielsen effectiveness studies, podcast advertising yields far better brand recall than other widely-used forms of digital advertising. The aggregated findings have also highlighted an average 10% lift in purchase intent among listeners exposed to a podcast ad, with 61% percent saying they would be more likely to buy. (PS: have you listened to Shawn’s awesome AdExchanger podcast yet?)

The Next Evolution Of Programmatic: The Publisher Exchange [:03]

In the late 2000s, we experienced a burst of data-driven buyin—and in 2014, we saw the header bidding gain popularity. What's next? Another technical change is on the horizon that will allow publisher-direct connections or publisher exchanges. Until now, the pipeline has been to go from the advertiser, DSP-to-exchange-to-publisher. By removing the exchanges entirely, publishers can connect directly with DSPs. This does not, however, come without complications—read to learn more.

Media Buyers Will Grow Spending In Private Marketplaces Over Open Exchanges [:03]

Spend will continue to increase in private marketplaces and programmatic deals in 2019, according to Digiday Research. Part of this is due to buyers being less than enthusiastic about the open marketplace and remaining skeptical due to fraud and brand safety issues.

Ads.Txt For Apps Is Finally (Nearly) Ready For Primetime [:03]

The IAB tech lab has released information for the app version of its Ads.txt initiative, conveniently named App-ads.txt. The expectation is that this will ultimately help to reduce counterfeit ad inventory, once it is rolled out after ongoing the open comment period through early February.

Myths of Addressable TV Advertising [:06]

The myths debunked in this Digiday article range from the cost to buy addressable TV versus ‘regular’ television, to the ability to scale, as well as different measurement options, and what the true definition of addressable is.

‘Advertisers Think It’s Just Like Buying Digital’: Myths Of Connected TV Advertising [:05]

When it comes to Connected TV, there is still a lot of confusion around what is possible and what is not. Take a peek at some common myths surrounding Connected TV such as Connected TV inventory, CTV ads (can they be tracked like other digital ads?), and high-quality TV inventory. Debunk away!

The Era of the Camera: Google Lens, One Year In [:07]

By some estimates, 30% of the neurons in the cortex of our brain are for vision, so why shouldn’t we set our sights on augmenting our world through the power of machine learning and computer vision? As Google Lens celebrates its first birthday, a new and improved version is being rolled out that puts us all one step closer to superhuman vision.

7 Things to Think About Voice [:06]

What happens as the voice systems we know and love (hey Alexa) get smarter by offering more automation and proactivity? We adapt to a new interface that gives us greater control. And boom—the future happens, just like that.