Sep 10 2019
Gabriel Ribadeneira

Crossing the Finish Line: How to Plan an Optimized Campaign


If you’ve ever participated in a race of any kind, you know that most people typically don’t wake up the day of the event and start running (or at least you know that it's usually not optimal to do so). Instead, it's crucial to strategize, obtain the right gear, and prepare accordingly for the journey to come. A similar strategy can also apply to campaign optimization.

Make a Plan

Similar to training for a race—it helps to break-out optimal timeframes and set milestones that indicate future campaign achievements and ramp-up time. Plan thoroughly beforehand so that you're as agile as possible once the campaign begins.

For example, establish campaign checkpoints - and what constitutes success for each checkpoint, ahead of time.

There are multiple parameters within a campaign that contains valuable information—trying to analyze all of them at once can become overwhelming. Assign just a few of these parameters to each checkpoint to highlight them more effectively.

Use Available Resources

Have you ever tried tracking your speed, distance, and heart rate using an analog watch? It’s complicated! That's why apps and smartwatches were created—to measure those things automatically, so you can focus on the task at hand.

In the same way—leverage technology whenever possible throughout campaign execution. For example, Centro's comprehensive digital media platform, Basis, has three optimization engines that can help achieve KPIs. Basis' Optimizations Suite includes:

  • Machine Learning Optimization is a form of artificial intelligence (AI) that looks at more than 30 targeting parameters to submit an optimal bid for each impression, based on a likelihood to produce the desired outcome.
  • Algorithmic Optimization uses a priority algorithm that analyzes inventory performance and bids differently on each unit to generate better results for campaigns.
  • Bid Multipliers let you submit various bids from a single tactic based on the targeting parameters deemed most valuable.

Stay Flexible

We all know that even the best-laid plans can go awry. Whether it's inclement weather at a race or an unexpected situation popping up during a campaign—a realistic planner should identify what conditions they have control over ahead of time, including a set protocol for how to handle or escalate any issues that may arise during a campaign. Keep communication lines open, and have open conversations amongst your team, in order to reassess, evolve, and improve your optimization strategy on a regular basis.

Crossing the finish line is a joyous experience—optimizing campaigns and achieving advertising goals should be too! Connect with us to learn more about how Basis can help campaign performance, here.