Apr 16 2015
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Thrift Store Scores a 'Great Find' with Centro


To survive, thrift shops require a constant influx of donations. People moving in or out of a new place, charitable donators, and spring cleaners combined are literally the lifeline for these types of stores. To keep the ‘reuse and recycle’ movement going, it sometimes takes a little creativity and strategy to bring a steady flow of business in the door.

The Challenge

An international thrift store came to Centro to help them build brand awareness and ultimately increase foot traffic and donations. This client also wanted an efficient plan for driving traffic to their website and converting visitors by encouraging them to click the ‘Find Your Store’ button.

With several partners and strategies on the (secondhand) table, they decided to launch a test campaign to determine who could help them achieve the most efficient CPA.

Turning Data into Dollars

As one of the partners participating in the test campaign, we leveraged our Audience Buying solution complete with advanced targeting capabilities and access to 30 billion display impressions to deliver an effective strategy for reaching the client’s audience at scale.

To ensure full-funnel coverage at the right frequency, we implemented a combination of 1st and 3rd party data-driven tactics, relevant contextual alignment, and retargeting across display and mobile channels. Centro’s Audience Buying team activated a strategic optimization plan complete with an increased frequency of tactics that delivered results beyond expectations.

A Perfect Fit

The thrift store’s test-and-learn campaign approach determined Centro’s Audience Buying solution yielded the greatest success. Outperforming the other leading programmatic RTB partners, Centro delivered:

  • 60% of the total conversions
  • An 88% more efficient CPA
  • A 38% increase in search traffic
  • A 67% increase in site traffic
  • Results that cumulatively affected $200k in revenue

As a result of these impressive metrics, the client renewed the campaign with Centro and continues to leverage our team of digital RTB experts to refine and optimize the targeting tactics to reach their audience. In the end, the client found the best efficiencies with Centro, an intelligent partner who offered a far better deal than the rest.

A Unified Approach

At Centro, we believe in a holistic buying approach. By leveraging performance data, modern automation, and human expertise, we create a customized plan for every client in any industry. It’s what makes Centro different from the rest. And it’s a philosophy we stand firmly behind.

Stay tuned for more case study updates. We have a lot more #CentroInAction stories on the way!