Sep 10 2014
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Performance on Order for QSR


Our friends at a southern fast casual BBQ restaurant make a mean pulled pork sandwich. They know that as a QSR company, the best way to retain existing customers is to please their taste buds, but what about reaching new customers? When this BBQ joint released a series of new products, they struggled to determine how to use various digital channels to engage a new consumer audience and entice them to place orders online. Developing an effective cross-channel strategy is challenging, so this company partnered with Centro to find a streamlined approach to accomplishing their business goals. This allowed them to channel their expertise back into what they do best — BBQ.

Recipe for Results

For this challenge, our Centro Audience Buying team whipped out the special sauce - recommending a mixture of targeting tactics across desktop and mobile channels to precisely reach these consumers. Three unique audience segments were defined, each with their own custom-built campaign execution strategy. Each campaign utilized demographic and contextual targeting to align with the interests of the specific segment, DMA and zip code targeting to find them in the right location, and site retargeting to reach those that had already engaged with the QSR brand.

After analyzing the behaviors of the audiences, the Centro team suggested the client leverage the desktop channel to boost site traffic, and the mobile channel to increase and track food orders.

Centro’s media mix hit the spot for this QSR consumer audience. Not only did the client reach their audience and improve online orders, but Centro’s performance-driven approach also exceeded QSR industry benchmarks. Using click-through rate to evaluate traffic drivers, the campaign produced a CTR twice that of the industry benchmark – driving more users to the client’s webpage and increasing awareness of their new products. The performance of the mobile channel followed suit – with a 32% lift in mobile food orders by campaign completion. The BBQ client was thrilled, and continues to increase investment in Centro’s media strategies.

What’s the secret ingredient to Centro’s solutions? We set ourselves apart with a holistic approach to media buying. We pair 13 years and over 100,000 campaigns worth of expertise with the most modern tactics and technology to execute campaigns that are innovative and intuitive. This killer combo gives our clients the performance they need to power their business forward. People and technology are the cornerstones of our business, as well as every #CentroInAction story we release.