Nov 17 2014
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: Packaging up Success


For over 13 years, Centro has been executing digital campaigns in a rapidly changing media landscape. We’ve learned a lot in that time, including which solutions produce the best results for our clients. Recently, a large CPG beverage company came to us with a big picture goal. The KPIs for its campaign were determined by an overarching company strategy:

  • Drive brand awareness
  • Change perceptions of the product in the marketplace

After some complications with the television schedules threatened the company’s media strategy, it came to Centro looking to reinvest budget into digital video. However, the company was looking for more than a reinvestment option – it had also set very aggressive campaign goals around video viewability and completion. After finding many partners who were dissuaded by the aggressive goals, the CPG company found Centro, and knew right away it could count on our media plans to perform and deliver.

Our Centro teams knew immediately that this brand’s campaign would need both expert planning and precision execution. With over 100,000 campaigns’ worth of performance information at their fingertips, our teams began by building a strategic media recommendation that included video placements with a history of high viewability and completion rates. Once the campaign began, we closely monitored delivery numbers in real-time, passing along insights and optimization suggestions to the client with full transparency. Thanks to rapid optimization executions, Centro’s campaign capitalized on the client’s business strategy, driving the awareness and brand perception results it needed.

Centro’s expertise and speedy planning came through with the performance and business results the client was looking for. With Centro, the CPG brand was able to go from a threatened media strategy to a fully launched campaign in just one week. Not only did our service model provide renewed flexibility and transparency, but our dedication to the client’s campaign strategy enabled us to exceed the goals. The client was thrilled with the results, enjoying performance they’ve never seen before.

At Centro, we offer a modern approach to digital media. With over 13 years and 100,000 campaigns to our name, we leverage advanced technology, proven tactics, and industry expertise to build campaigns around the channels and platforms that drive the greatest results for our client’s specific business needs. People and technology are at the heart of Centro, and are the essential parts in every #CentroInAction story.