Apr 24 2015
Christine Kim

Centro Releases New Batch of #ProgrammaticNinjas


Hey, remember college? Remember those elated few days after finishing your final exams? Your brain was tired, but you were ready to celebrate! This week, Centro is bringing the feeling back to the participants of the Centro Certified event that wrapped up Wednesday.

Education is an integral part of the Centro culture. In fact, we believe proper education provides the foundation for any successful endeavor. In order to help programmatic buying teams around the country become more comfortable planning and buying with the technology, we launched the Centro Certified: DSP Expert program.

Almost 100 Centro DSP clients became expert buyers while learning about the evolving programmatic landscape, digital media strategy and best practices for buying mobile, video, display and social media through Centro DSP. Questions ranged from mastering retargeting to campaign management recommendations to pixel best practices. The crowd was engaged with the content and with each other - connecting with other buyers from all across the nation.

So, what were the top 5 Centro Certified themes?

  • Objectives & KPIs: Understanding what you’re trying to achieve up front sets you up for success - whether you’re a seller, a buyer, or a planner.
  • Get creative with the way you reach an audience! Even if you are trying to reach a niche audience, think about how you yourself consume information from a day to day basis. Most likely, you’re on multiple platforms watching videos, reading articles, making purchases – those are all opportunities for someone to advertise to you!
  • Optimization Best Practices: There’s only one rule to optimizations – there are no rules. Be playful, decisive, learn from your data and do it all over again!
  • Flexibility: Test, test and test. It’s important that you have flexibility from your advertisers and don’t assume you know what will work. It doesn’t make sense to run on a tactic that isn’t performing!
  • Confidence: DSP’s, SSP’s, eCPC, eCPA, eCPM. Sounds scary, right? Not for our Centro Certified experts! They asked the questions, and they got the answers.

For buyers who wanted further help, we offered Centro open office hours the following day to meet 1-on-1 and answer all the remaining questions. Now – it’s off to exams! Each participant must pass an exam to become officially #CentroCertified.

To show off what expertly executed programmatic campaigns can do, guests at the event who used their iPhones and mobile apps were greeted by the Centro Certified hyperlocal mobile campaign executed through Centro DSP (gotta practice what ya preach, right?). Our ads were targeted within a ½ mile around the event venue, delivering over 17,000 impressions to those attending.  Afterward, guests were targeted with a special thank you ad for attending.

Missed the event? Have some questions? Already want in on next year’s event? Reach out to your Centro representative to learn more!

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