Aug 7 2014
Basis Technologies

#CentroInAction: A One-Way Ticket to Success


A major international airline was looking for a lift in ticket sales. The client knew that leveraging the power of digital media was the key to achieving their goals.

They outlined the following KPIs:

  • Increase monthly website traffic year-over-year
  • Build a pipeline of qualified customers
  • Push qualified prospects through the purchase funnel
  • Achieve a CPC goal of $1

The Plan

The airline was looking for a digital partner who could quickly and strategically select top performing inventory sources, channels, and tactics. Real-time data would be critical to success.

Impressed with Centro’s audience buying capabilities, they turned to us for help. Tasked with achieving an aggressive CPC, the Centro team sprang into action. They quickly built a look-alike audience segment through predictive targeting, which saved the client 3rd party data fees. Within the first week, the team began refining the plan to include only the most effective channel and units. Campaign performance improved immediately.

The Sky’s the Limit

The Centro Audience Buying team not only met the client’s objectives but completely exceeded their expectations. Within just 2 short weeks, the client experienced the following results:

  •  A CPC 20% more efficient than the original goal
  • A significant increase in qualified site traffic
  • Nearly a 50% increase in visit duration

As a result of these wins, the client increased their investment and extended the campaign. Turns out we got more than just another satisfied client. We also proved that our methodologies continue to be strategically sound and highly effective. Oh — and let’s not forget the serious ego boost, too!

For over a decade, we have specialized in building digital media campaigns for clients of every size, in every industry. In 2013 alone, we executed over 350 campaigns for over 230 travel advertisers, including several major airlines.

A Key Differentiator

Unlike any other digital media services firm, we believe in a holistic buying approach. By marrying the modern advances of technology with the invaluable expertise and intuition of our team, we continue to create innovative campaigns that catapult our clients toward great success. It’s the common thread between each and every #CentroInAction story.

Stay tuned for more!