Capture your consumers’ cash and affection this Valentine’s Day


On February 14th millions of Americans will be fêted by their partner in one way or another. From jewelry to candy, flowers, dinner – even lingerie, gifts will be bought and exchanged in droves. In fact, it’s estimated that Americans will spend a record $18.9 billion on Valentine’s Day this year alone. Whoever said love doesn’t cost a thing is surely flying solo this Saturday night!

Did you know men spend more than women — about twice as much — but focus their spending on just one love? Whereas women spend less but buy for a broader range of people, including kids, friends, and pets. Yes, pets!

Even though consumers are willing to spend when it comes to Valentine’s Day – they’re not total fools in love. They’re motivated by deals on price and delivery.

To get a data-driven picture of where and how much consumers are spending, check out the infographic below. Then measure your current digital strategy against the facts you see here. Is there still time to spend those remnant dollars? Perhaps. If not, the sweet thing is, there’s always next year.

If you like what you see, simply download the infographic to save and share.