Mar 7 2012
Basis Team

Building a Better Future, Digital Innovation & Brand Advocates

  • Powerful brand experiences create valuable brand advocates, active promoters who recommend brands; these promoters are the means to more revenue. The “would you recommend” question is one that has been heavily relied on by companies to determine growth and profitability, using metrics such as the net promoter score. According to a recent eMarketer article, U.S. internet users are making more recommendations than ever before, as frequently as several times a week.  So, what is the secret to creating a brand advocate? One powerful tip is to focus on delivering memorable, emotional and engaging experiences vs. a quick call-to-action. Read More: What Marketers Should Know About Brand Advocates
  • Let’s build a better future. These days we are continually hearing about rapid CMO movement. High turnover seems to be a growing trend due to elevated expectations that are coupled with smaller budgets all among a complicated and ever-changing media landscape. So, what is the solution?First and foremost, companies need to put an end to outdated approaches in an effort to grow with technology and capture its adjacent possibilities. It’s time to feel young again with fresh, efficient and innovative approaches. Read More: CMO Exits RadioShack Amid Final Agency Pitches
  • In a recent MediaPost article, the author talks about the need to foster digital innovation by facing fears that are inhibiting marketers from realizing their full potential; these fears surround exploring innovation, shifting responsibilities and confronting complexity. As the author perfectly states, “All too often the daily executional realities supersede strategic needs, and tasks like planning, collaborative ideation and even proper workflow become the collateral damage.”  In short, marketers need to let go to move forward. Read More: Fostering Digital Innovation