Jul 1 2015
Basis Technologies

As Temperatures Heat Up, So Does the Race for Holiday Digital Inventory


Merry Christmas everyone!

You did indeed read that right. We’re celebrating Christmastime – in July. And if you’re in digital advertising, you know exactly why. Even though Christmas is still over 170 days away, it’s time to start mapping out your digital strategy and placing buys for the holiday season.

Digital advertising continues to explode and as a result, inventory around major buying days is selling out faster than ever before. And if last year’s numbers are any indication, early holiday promotions will capture eager consumers once again. In fact, according to the National Retail Federation, the average holiday shopper completed over 50% of their buying by December 10th of the 2014 season. Break out the calendar and the count the weeks. The buying season is upon us.

To help you get in the holiday spirit, over the next month we’ll take a look at the retail space, including when and where consumers are spending. We’ll also take a deep dive into a few generation segments. For example, did you know that 73% of millennials planned on self-gifting while shopping last season? Or that they’re more likely than other generations to shop on Thanksgiving and Black Friday? And what about the small but mighty Gen Xers and the latest generation, Gen Z? More on these influencers and spenders in the weeks to come.

What’s next?
Take a look at your overall 2014 holiday campaign performance. What worked well? What didn’t? Also be sure to ask your digital partner about the advancements in the various channels as well as buying technology over the course of the last year. What’s all the buzz about mobile and video inventory? And would a DSP be a smart way to manage your holiday campaigns?

No matter what approach you take, it’s time to build your plan and check it twice because Santa is coming to town whether you’ve placed your digital buys or not. To help you get started, let’s review the holiday numbers from last year’s buying season in our holiday e-Book.

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