Centro and Adstra’s Cookieless Solution for Advertisers to Reach Audiences


Can advertisers still meet goals in a cookieless future? Centro is ensuring it.

Even when third-party cookies are being blocked by major browsers, Centro is creating solutions for advertisers to find audiences. Agencies and brands have been relying on Centro and its technology platform to place the right ad at the right time in front of a user based on interest, context or topics. This process is activated using Centro’s Basis, the industry’s most comprehensive, automated, and intelligent digital media platform—and the only software solution of its kind to consolidate digital operations across programmatic, direct, search, and social campaigns.

Much of digital advertising today relies on cookies (both first-party and third-party) to find audiences and measure effectiveness of campaigns. Major browsers are already blocking third-party cookies and Google Chrome will do the same within two years, making marketers justly nervous about the effectiveness of their campaigns. Yet, Centro’s partnership with Adstra to combine technology tools and privacy-compliant audience data demonstrates what cookieless advertising could look like.

Adstra delivers unique audience segments. It absorbs any form of identity (individual or household), assigns a persistent ID connected to attributes data, and actions against any other media or form of identity. Its segments are based on real-world deterministic, validated data – location/fact-based data – and are anchored to real people at real addresses with hundreds of individual attributes. Adstra allows safe, compliant and economic access to any form of data, with any form of identity and any form of applied analytics, for use in any medium, to make decisions in real-time or periodically. Primarily built with multiple offline sources, these people-based audiences provide superior accuracy for precise targeting while ensuring privacy compliance. Adstra audiences are used for B2B and B2C campaigns in retail, health, luxury, pharma, education, auto, finance, political, travel, and many other industries.

The following show the success Centro clients have had on campaigns targeting Adstra audiences.


Adstra’s healthcare segments have been one of the highest performing for audience targeting. In a recent campaign, the average CTR of Adstra segments in this space was 12% over the industry benchmark, and delivered 75% of daily impressions for the tactic. The granularity of Adstra’s segments in healthcare is a valuable trait. Adstra provides niche segments with scale, allowing marketers to reach people who are being affected by very specific conditions or diseases. It shows which audiences are resonating best with the brand’s media. In one hospital network campaign, rather than targeting a broad audience of people likely to seek medical attention, Centro’s client began the campaign with over 12 Adstra segments, all very specific to different conditions/diseases. Within a few weeks, the campaign showed the top performing audiences were New Parents and propensities for Cardiovasular, Gastrointestinal, Asthma, and Arthritis related issues.


The granularity of Adstra’s audiences showed its value for a car tire campaign seeking to reach a very specific customer – people in their mid-20’s to mid-50’s who owned a car from 2018 or older – all within a very small demographic. Adstra delivered a custom segment that matched these exact requirements, that has both scaled and performed throughout the course of three campaigns for the brand. This specific segment produced one-third of total conversions for the campaign, and the second highest CTR for the campaign.

According to Keith Sklar, Adstra’s sales director of data and identity solutions: “We are extremely proud to partner with the great team at Centro in providing quality data, solutions and service. As the industry continues to change with data, privacy and technology, we recognize the importance of speed, flexibility, cost and restriction-less ease across all media, and are continually adapting and ensuring that our partners are prepared.”

Interested in understanding how Centro can help you find customers with precision and scale? Learn more about our tech solution, Basis, here.